Home Sleep Study

Are you generally fatigued? Does your partner complain about your excessive snoring? Do you wake up gasping for air? Having a difficult time staying awake at work?

Start on the path to a healthy night’s sleep. Good sleep is all-important in your healthy quest to manage your pain and get back your life.  Ask your Salmon Falls provider about our convenient home sleep study program.

How does the sleep study work?

  • First, you will come in for an appointment with one of our Medical Assistants to fill out a questionnaire, have your neck and head measured, and be fitted for and instructed in the use of the unit.
  • The sleep study is a one night home trial. You will take the unit home to perform the sleep study. The unit itself has verbal instructions for patients. It is important to let your MA know whether you have a hearing deficit.
  • The following day you will return the unit where the study information will be downloaded into our system. At that time a 2-4 week follow-up appointment will be scheduled.
  • If there is a diagnosis of sleep apnea, Salmon Falls will order a CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) machine. The CPAP vendor will arrange a time to visit your home and set up the unit.

Insurances: The home sleep study unit is covered by most insurances. Check with your insurance representative, or call our billing office if you have specific questions about your account, 603-692-4018.