Did You Know We Are A Green Facility?

salmonfallsfamilyhealthcaregreenbuildingAll exterior walls and roof systems were sealed and insulated with a new technology that offers complete coverage, free of voids, and meets or exceeds Energy Star certifications. This application was also applied to the underside of the entire roof surface, as well as concrete walls in the basement area, to ensure the most efficient, controlled environment possible.

All Windows and door glazing’s are argon gas filled with low E glass having a U-factor of 0.27 and a solar heat gain coefficient of 0.25, all of which meets Energy Star certifications.

Our owner, Brandon Gray, has committed to the installation of LED lighting throughout the buildings interior, which will substantially reduce consumption of electrical power.

The solar system that was installed includes an array of 90 PV solar panels that provide a substantial portion of the buildings consumption of electrical power. This PV solar system will also feed power back to the local utility grid during the building’s idle hours. We have also installed an array of five hot water solar panels that will substantially supplement the building’s use of domestic hot water.

The HVAC system was designed to provide the most efficient and sustainable controlled environment possible. We have purchased and implemented the use of high efficiency natural gas fired boilers, air handlers, and cooling equipment. Additionally, the building was situated on the lot so as to gain the most exposure
to the sun and for maximum efficiency usage of the solar systems that were installed.

Salmon Falls Family Healthcare is currently accepting new patients.