SFFH Sponsors 5210 Dance Party

Students of Maplewood Elementary School in Somersworth dance along with Maplewood and Salmon Falls staff.

Salmon Falls Family Healthcare and Maplewood Elementary school recently hosted an end of the year dance party for the students. The goal of the dance party was to promote 5210 Healthy NH, a program which encourages children to eat 5 fruits or vegetables per day, limit screen time to 2 hours or less per day, get at least 1 hour of exercise per day, and to eliminate sugary drinks altogether.

Mitch Dugan’s company, The Music Man DJ Service, was hired for the event to play popular dance tunes for the kids. The children tested out several styles of dance lead by Maplewood and Salmon Falls’ staff. Dance teachers Heidi Hanson and Taryn Decker of Sole City Dance in Rochester taught them hip hop moves and helped them choreograph their own dance to the 5210 Healthy NH jingle.

Claire Menard, the pediatric nurse practitioner at Salmon Falls, along with Maplewood’s school nurse, Jenna Tousignant, organized the event. They hope to have more like it, along with more story walks, in the next school year.  Keep yourself posted by visiting www.SalmonFallsMD.com.