Back-to-School: Organizing for Success

Back to school chalkboard_checklist“Back-To-School” is approaching quickly, and so are the chores that come along with it. Salmon Falls has elaborated on this easy-to-use, 20 item back to school checklist from that is sure to keep you organized and ready to send your kids off to their first day of school for the 2014-2015 year:




  1. Back Pack5 backpack safety tips:
  • Choose a backpack that has two thick straps to distribute the load evenly.
  • Tighten straps so the bag is centered on the back, ideally above the lower curve of the spine.
  • Use both straps!
  • Weigh the back pack. Remove items until the backpack is less than 10% of your child’s weight.
  • Bring your child to the doctor if he says anything about back pain. Doc could give him some exercises to help ease the pain.

2.   Pencils → Make sure the pencils have an eraser, for mistakes are the best thing to learn from.

3.   Notebooks → Note-taking is an awesome tool when it comes to concentration, understanding, remembering, referral and revision. Notes are a great study tool, too!

4.    Loose leaf paper →  Loose leaf paper comes in handy when the assignment is to be turned in during or after class and when that one student forgot to grab paper while school shopping!

5.    Pencil box → A pencil box is great for organization! No more searching in your backpack for your pencils. They will be kept in one place for easy retrieval.

6.    Eraser → For big mistakes that the pencil can’t handle!

7.    Crayons/Colored pencils → For art class and to make things much more exciting and colorful because that’s what school is all about!

8.    Scissors → Check with your child’s teacher to see if their classroom accepts scissors and keep in mind your child might work better with kid-friendly scissors.

9.    Glue stick → Sometimes a colored glue stick makes things fun, and a little less messy because you can see where you’re gluing!

10.   Calculator → Depending on how old your child is, a calculator can come in handy for those difficult math equations.

11.    Folders → The next best thing! Folders are an extremely easy way to stay organized and keep your papers neat and wrinkle-free.

12.    Highlighter → Highlighters are awesome when it comes to studying. Save time and make the study material easier to identify.

13.    Ruler → Whether it comes to measuring or just needing a straight line, a ruler comes in handy anywhere!

14.   Index Cards → Index cards are awesome for crafts or studying depending on the age of your child.

15.   List of emergency numbers → Better safe than sorry when it comes to this kind of stuff! Takes a few minutes to look up emergency contacts and jot them down. They can be a huge help when someone needs them immediately.

16.   Lunch/Lunch money → A kids gotta eat! It may be good to remember that your child’s lunch needs to contain fruits, vegetables, grains, protein and dairy at each meal. Don’t forget about the ice packs to keep your child’s lunch fresh!

17.   Tissues → Toilet paper can get messy. Pack the kids a to-go tissue pack for those back-to-school runny noses.

18.    Hand sanitizer → Back-to-school season brings a lot of new germs and bacteria! Keep a travel hand sanitizer in your child’s backpack for a quick cleaning.

19.    Apple for the teacher → A nice gesture and healthy snack for your child’s new coach, instructor, educator, tutor, lecturer, teacher, or all of the above!

20.    A smile! → This time of year brings some stress between sending your beloved son or daughter off to their first day of school ever to their last year of high school! Be proud and happy because as you know, they grow up fast!