Dawn Daigle Named New Practice Manager

Salmon Falls Family Healthcare and its CEO, Dr. Michael O’Connell, are pleased to announce the promotion of Dawn Daigle to Practice Manager. This development follows the recent merging of Clinic on the Commons, formerly of Rochester, with Salmon Falls Family Healthcare in Somersworth. Dawn had been practice manager at Clinic on the Commons for over 20 years and brings with her a vast amount of experience from which she can draw to manage this much larger organization, complete with 10 well-rounded providers and a knowledgeable support staff.

Dawn is eager to take on this new challenge. “I’ve had the pleasure of working with this progressive healthcare organization for the past 2 ½ years, and I’m very impressed with its growth and professionalism. I’m honored to have been offered this new position and looking forward to the challenges that lie ahead.”

Dr. Michael O’Connell, who also owns and operates PainCare and several other medical practices scattered throughout New Hampshire, made the decision to promote Daigle based on several factors. “We have been blessed with such extensive growth of our family of companies that the organization now requires a “systems coordinator.” The former practice manager Briana Foy has been tapped for that challenging role, and Dawn with her wealth of family practice experience, her drive for excellence, and warm friendly demeanor is felt perfect for the new practice manager of Salmon Falls Family Healthcare.” The Systems Coordinator role will enhance and standardize the best training and communication methods, policies and procedures between all practices and office locations within the organization, with the goal of increasing overall efficiency and service quality.

The providers and staff of Salmon Falls are happy to welcome Dawn Daigle as their new Practice Manager and look forward to continuing to work with Briana Foy in her new role.

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  1. Sue Lovejoy-Grant
    Sue Lovejoy-Grant says:

    Congratulations to you Dawn!!! I’m really excited that your hard work & dedication have been recognized …. and that you’ve been promoted! Good luck …. I look forward to continuing my healthcare relationship with you & all of the employee’s at Salmon Falls Family Healthcare!!

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