SFFH Is Helping The Animals

logoDid you know that you can help the animals by visiting your doctor?

Salmon Falls is a proud supporter of Cocheco Valley Humane Society. All donations collected in our dog house will be delivered to CVHS. If you’d like to help, see their wish list of their most needed items below. Please, NO BLANKETS, PILLOWS OR DOG BEDS unless they are brand new.

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[column size=”1-2″ style=”0″ last=”0″]• Exam Gloves (Latex, Size M)
• Dry Kitten Food
• Dry Cat Food
• Cat Litter (clay, non-clumping)
• 6 Ft. Leashes
• Bleach
• Laundry Detergent
• Paper Towels
• Pedigree Wet Dog Food
• Stainless Steel Litter Pans
• Stainless Steel Cat Food Dishes
• Collapsible Cat Huts
• Dry Dog Food
• Timothy Hay/Straw
• Trash Bags (30 gallon)
• Marrow Bones
[column size=”1-2″ style=”0″ last=”1″]• KONG Dog Toys (All Sizes)
• Rope Toys for Dogs
• Rawhide Chews
• Soft Training Treats
• Peanut Butter
• Canned Pumpkin
• Martingale Collars (Size L)
• EZ Walk Harnesses (Size L)
• Air Horns
• Toys for Cats/Kittens
• Ice Scraper for Shelter Van
• Small Animal Food (Gerbil, Guinea Pig, Rabbit, etc.)
• Turbo A5 2-Speed Clipper and Blades
• Two-Piece Pooper Scooper (Rake and Scooper Tray)
Flirt Poles for Dogs[/column]