SFFH Sponsors End 68 Hours of Hunger

Salmon Falls Family Healthcare is proud to be the newest sponsor of End 68 Hours of Hunger, a non-profit, volunteer-run program which helps to feed “at risk” school children who may have little to eat between the free school lunch on Friday and the free school breakfast on Monday. How does it work? Volunteers pack and deliver back packs of food to area schools where they are distributed to the students. The students return them on Monday to be filled for the following weekend.

End 68 Hours of Hunger is off to a strong start in Dover, and now in Kittery, Eliot and Somersworth schools as well.  This program, created by Claire Bloom, is sure to continue expanding.  It depends entirely on help from volunteers and donations from community residents and businesses to function.

Salmon Falls Family Healthcare contributed $1,000 to this effort. Every cent donated goes directly towards food purchases.  Claire Menard, Salmon Falls’ pediatric nurse practitioner, believes this is a great cause which correlates well with the 5210 Healthy NH program that she promotes in her practice and in Somersworth schools.

To make a donation or discover ways to volunteer, visit end68hoursofhunger.org.