Diabetes Care: Katrina Diederichs, FNP, CDE

Meet Katrina Diederichs, FNP, CDE:

katrinaTreatment philosophy: Katrina believes that many patients do not change unhealthy habits until a significant health crisis occurs, for instance they get diagnosed with diabetes, cancer, or have a heart attack. “Your body is a precious yet temporary temple for your soul! It is the means with which you do the fun and necessary things in life. Don’t treat your car better than you treat your body. Get tune ups (go for check ups), talk to your friends who guide you through life, visit a place that sets your spirit afire. Use good fuel (eat healthy most of the time). Go for a spin (exercise regularly). Life is an up and down journey…enjoy the ride.”

Special interests: “I have a special interest in helping patients to live well with their diabetes or preventing diabetes altogether, I love learning new ways to help direct my patients in making their lifestyle changes. One of my greatest pleasures is working with patients who want to take an active role in staying healthy.” Katrina’s other special interests include Kundalini yoga, stress reduction and meditation and integrative health practices.

Professional journey: I’ve been in the nursing profession for 31 years, 22 as a nurse practitioner. Over the years my career focus has included medical-surgical, homecare, internal medicine, family practice, endocrinology and occupational health. For the last 8 years I have been a certified diabetes educator. I have a growing interest in Home Hospice Care and mind-body medicine.”

“When I’m not treating my patients, I enjoy… gardening, biking, yoga, hiking, teaching Kundalini yoga, woodworking, boating, travel, meditating and reading. I am also training in meditation for mind/body medicine.”

If you, or a loved one, are having trouble managing your diabetes, call Salmon Falls Family Healthcare at: 603.692.4018 to make an appointment with Katrina Diederichs, FNP, CDE.

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