For the benefit of our patients, Salmon Falls Family Healthcare has a Patient Portal allowing patients easy and private access to their medical information and health records.  See our Patient Portal for more information here or click the link in the upper right hand corner.

We have also allowed the ability for Healthcare Apps to connect to our medical records system, Centricity Practice Solutions (CPS), to enable patients access to their medical information via any Healthcare App of their choice as long as it meets the technical specifications of the Centricity Practice Solutions’ API (Application Program Interface).

Unfortunately, to our knowledge there are no apps available at this time that have been developed to meet the Centricity Practice Solutions’ API; however, return to this website for regular updates on available apps.

Authentication (signing into your medical records) will be handled through Microsoft Azure in conjunction with our electronic medical records vendor, Virence Health.  Any patient wishing to connect to their medical records on our system via a Healthcare App will have to create a Microsoft Azure account by signing up using the “Sign up” and “Sign in” buttons below provided by Virence Health.  Further instructions and guidance are available through these links.

Sign up   Sign in

Developers wishing to develop apps for access to Centricity Practice Solutions, can visit the Centricity Developers Portal here: Centricity Developers Portal