Salmon Falls Family Healthcare was founded in 1987, when Dr. Edwin Charle and Dr. Patrick Clary, who date their friendship back to their Family Practice Residencies in Brooklyn, New York, moved their families to New Hampshire and took over an existing practice.

After 17 years, Dr. Clary left Salmon Falls Family Healthcare to dedicate himself full time to hospice care.

Claire Menard, PNP, joined the group in 1992 after practicing locally in Dover, NH for 7 years.  Marge Pelletier, APRN, began practice at Salmon Falls in 1997, Katrina Diederichs, FNP, CDE joined us in 2002 and Rick Renner, PA in 2006.  In 2009 we welcomed Dr. Bert Cole to the family.

Today, Salmon Falls Family Healthcare utilizes state-of-the-art electronic medical records, in-house billing, scheduling, physical therapy and our own CLIA-compliant lab facility providing shorter wait times, convenience, and consistency of care.

Salmon Falls Family Healthcare is the oldest independent family practice in the area and employs over two dozen staff members.

Our Mission

To foster a working environment based on integrity, mutual understanding and trust, utilizing open, direct, and inclusive communication, for the purpose of providing high quality, comprehensive care in a family practice setting.