Treatment philosophy: “To provide treatment to  those who need it both physically and psychologically, and in so doing helping them gain control over their lives and health, therefore helping to build a healthier and better community.”

Special interests: My personal favorite aspect in the treatment of patients comes in the form of Suboxone treatment.  I see people at their lowest and help them pick up the pieces of their lives and move on to the path that leads to the dreams and goals they once had – some of them long forgotten or misplaced.

Professional journey: Raised on a small dairy farm in central PA, I watched my family treat many animals and save many of their lives. When I joined the Army I found that I too liked to help people, and contemplated nursing or being a teacher. Finally, I realized I could do both as a physician. My goal is to continue to treat my patients to try to make their health (if not their lives) better.

I believe that providing treatment to those who need it both physically and psychologically helps to build a healthier and better community.

Professional certifications & associations:
AAFM – American Academy of Family Medicine, Certified
Certified in Addiction Medicine

  • MD: Thomas Jefferson University – Jefferson Medical College
  • Family Practice Residency: Altoona Family Physicians with Altoona Hospital (Trauma Center)
  • BS in Nutrition: Penn State University – Graduated with Highest Distinction

Professional Achievements:
Living the Values Award – Lewistown Hospital – 2006
US Navy Lieutenant – 1994-2001
Penn State University Health and Human Sciences – Emerging Professionals Award

“My personal philosophy on life is… You only live once. I learned a long time ago that if you don’t succeed because you never tried, it was still failing. I’m not afraid to try new things and to push myself till I become the best I can be. I do this in sports (softball, baseball, volleyball and football), camping, rock climbing, singing ( yes I sing) and hopefully soon picking up some new talents in water activities in your coastal New England town.”

Joined the SFFH family in  2012.